Speakerz City Radio UK 🇬🇧 with DJ Kaylady

Amplifying Vocals

Speakerz City Radio UK 🇬🇧 with DJ Kaylady

Amplifying Vocals

BroRadio 98.1FM -- Kaylady music -- Jane's House Friday Night Mix showcase!! 'Jurassic Hype'

'Anything is possible to achieve when the possibility is believed.' - KL Merchant 

Welcome! Speakerz City Radio with DJ Kaylady 🎙️

Spillwords Press:


The Poet Tree - March 30th, 2019

Charitable Minds - April 30th, 2019

Silent Voices - May 30th, 2019

Meet The Gem in I 😁

DJ Kaylady

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Speakerz City Radio UK Playlist with DJ KAYLADY PART 1: FREAKY FRIDAYZ 💋 session - Friday 12th July, 2019 






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Speakerz City Radio UK 🇬🇧 Online community hosted by Kaylady M 🎧 supporting unsigned talent across the globe. 


Media Archive:

2019 - Collaborated with Golden Legacy, Infected Records, UK BAD BOI, Tay Tha Truth, Magnum, Tylia Flores, King Carly, Maniac Mac, Anita Maraj, Crazy Ron and Stryke Savage. 


2018 - Collaborated with Cody King ' Element Of Surprise' 

2018 - Got her music featured on the Music Lyrical Top 10 Playlist. 


2017 - Self published The Road to Change Vols 1-3 Anthology. 

2016 - Featured on XRP Radio Commercial for the unsigned stars of tomorrow. 

2015 - Collaborated with Spatman, DJ Lady Peaches, and Siyanda Langa. 

Won free air play on XRP Radio - Birmingham UK, with Tizzy. Song title : 'Stars & Guitars.' 

TV / FILM Appearances: 

Wired Souls ft Sarah Brown music video 'Another You' 


// Cops In Disguise movie 2012 - Vicky the barmaid ' // featured on stage at Ten Feet Tall rock room for Last MIC STANDING. Poewitical spoken word showcase. // Cardiff TV local news with Luke Davies// Auditioned for BBC numerous times// 

Kaylady M


Kaylady M is a multimedia artist from the UK.

A proud singer songwriter, lyrical Rapper with a fire tiger energetic streak on the mic, blessed with a poetical wordplay that goes beyond your normal wordsmith game play. A musical artist that takes on a whole new meaning of scrabble and creative Poewiticals. 


Early life:

Born Kayleigh Merchant, a philosophical delightful gifted enthusiast from the UK, she has been writing and producing music since the age of 14 years old, she found the comfort in words during her traumatising time at school, music was her escape and a more safer haven to dealing with the emotional scars. 


Her love for words and musical creations led to her interest in writing poetry, positive word exercises and poetical spoken word stories that would speak out about injustices in the world and her communities, she further developed this new found path to awaken her inner purpose, a gift that would manifest itself to go on and be the Voice that gave others courage to tell their stories. 


During her early life she was always the quiet girl in her group of peers, she knew the answers to the questions in her class lessons but was too afraid to speak up, she was afraid of her own voice, she had a long term shyness that affected her everyday interactions. When she reached juniors, she found comfort in a wise inspirational music teacher, Mrs. Roberts, who gave Kayleigh the encouragement to find her voice and amplify it out for everybody to hear. A sweet soothing angelic voice took everybody who ever doubted this girls ability, took them by surprise. 



Moving On:

On her break times at secondary school, she would always ponder upon what was on the other side of the fields outside the classroom window, envisioning running across there, running away from her current situation towards newer pastures, little did she know that laws of attraction within the realms of the universe were working in her favour. The day had finally presented itself: a chance opportunity arrived and granted the opportunity to leave school a year early, unravelling onto a new vision that sparked a greater route on board, that path led her to college as well as securing a part time job at a very popular restaurant, this gave her new found courage to prosper on and accomplish the very things that gave her great pleasure in her every day life. She wasn't lucky enough to complete her G. C. S. E exams so took on an alternative study that enabled her to achieve the equivalent of those. BTEC Entry Certificate, her first entry course into higher education, which in turn filled her record of achievement up to better educational standard. She later went onto study Foundation Art & Media Level 1 which gained her the 30 credits to progress onto the BTEC First Diploma in Performing Arts Level 2, which earned her 2 Distinctions, 4 Merits and ending at the final grade of Merit

The Written Journey.

The key to the unknown. 


Kayleigh writes and raps in metaphor, she has her own unique burst of philosophical wordplay technique that speaks volumes about her personal experience, trials, and struggles. 


Kayleigh has walked some very insightful paths of her own on this journey we call life, piecing together the puzzles while defeating her struggles. Her grab life by the horns attitude has won her a great knock out of notable wins as she battles on like the true soldier she has always been. 


She currently works to provide a long standing non-profit unsigned online radio community called Speakerz City Radio, to empower the underground music scene worldwide, giving artists the opportunity to to get amplified. A unusual showcase that specialises in providing support within various other creative outlets to further help anyone who needs that public acknowledgement on their artistic journey. Speakerz City is in association with another project called Silent Voices, an ongoing mentoring programme reaching out to a vast majority of Spoken word, as well as writers and similar creative in need of some encouragement, support or general life advice, she provides specialist support drawing from her own learned lessons and experiences and through a series of creative content to reach out and help others to carve their own way forward. 

"Turn up the volume. Amplifying Vocals"

DJ Kaylady